RapidPass.ph FAQs

About RapidPass.ph

  • What is RapidPass.ph?
    RapidPass.ph is a system aiming to provide digital passes to alleviate the congestion issues that Filipino frontliners encounter at designated checkpoints. It is made up of three components: (1) registration channel through approving government agencies, (2) an approver’s dashboard used by approving government agencies, and (3) a scanning app which has been pre-installed to cell phones deployed to designated checkpoints. Frontliners can register for a digital pass through the approving government agency assigned to their APOR type. The assigned government agencies will evaluate the validity of the applications. Upon approval, each confirmed frontliner will receive a unique QR code which will then be scanned by checkpoint personnel at RapidPass lanes. This ensures a contactless validation and faster traffic movement at checkpoints.
  • Who developed RapidPass.ph?
    RapidPass.ph was developed by DCTx (DEVCON Community of Technology eXperts) for the frontliners. DCTx is a community of volunteers from different fields and industries working together to create a digital solution which will help the Philippine government alleviate the challenges that Filipinos experience during the fight against COVID-19. DCTx works hand in hand with DOST along with other government and private sectors to support the Filipino people during this time.
  • Who should use RapidPass.ph?
    All Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) and employees who are a part of the skeletal workforce of essential services can apply for a digital pass. Click to see the list of APOR types and their corresponding approving agencies: IATF-JTFCV Shield Guidelines on Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR)
  • What if I don’t have a smartphone?
    No problem! You can print the digital pass with the QR code on paper to show the checkpoint personnel, aside from saving the unique QR code on your mobile device. Remember to bring your valid ID at all times when traveling. Frontliners also have the option of using the Approval Code sent through SMS as their pass if they encounter problems with their QR code.
  • I was halted in a checkpoint and they are looking for my RapidPass QR code. Is it now a requirement?
    The digital pass provided by RapidPass is not a requirement. Proper documentation and valid I.D.s will still be acknowledged at designated checkpoints. If you encounter this type of situation, you may contact the PNP Command Center through the following:
    Email: ncovmonitoring@gmail.com
    Smart: 0998 849 0013
    Globe: 0917 538 2495
  • What is the official website of RapidPass.ph?
    The official website and social media account of RapidPass.ph are the following:
    Website: https://rapidpass.ph
    Facebook: Rapidpassph


Registration as a company is a quicker way for all essential service providers to apply for a RapidPass.ph digital pass. If you are a medical frontliner or a part of an essential skeletal workforce, your company can register you through. Please note that registrations are directly evaluated by the approving government agency of your APOR type. Here is a frontliner’s guide to APOR (Authorized Persons Outside Residence) types and their corresponding approving agencies: https://dict.gov.ph/rapidpass/

  • How can I register and get my digital pass?
    Please check https://dict.gov.ph/rapidpass/ and follow the instructions carefully to avoid delays. The requirements needed for registering are also explained on that website.
  • What are the requirements to apply for a RapidPass?
    There are two requirements that must be submitted when entities apply for a RapidPass:
    1. Executed Attestation Form –
    2. Completed Rapidpass Bulk Registration Excel Form –
  • Do I need to register my vehicle? Why is my vehicle pass denied?
    No. There is no need to apply for a vehicle pass.
  • How can I register if I have multiple destinations?
    As of now, your RapidPass will work for all checkpoints regardless of the destination you entered. We suggest having the farthest destination you intend to go to for work or essential purposes.
  • My application is still pending. Where can I request for a follow-up?
    You can send an email to inquiries@rapidpass.ph
  • Who can register for an account?
    Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) under ECQ and GCQ may apply for a RapidPass. You can see updated list as of May 5, 2020 as published by the PNP here.
  • Can I register multiple times?
    You may only register once. One unique QR code is for one RapidPass.ph user.
  • Can I use the same email address for one company application?
    Yes you can.
  • Can I use the same mobile numbers for each applicant?
    No, this will be flagged as duplicates.
  • Can I use RapidPass.ph immediately after registration?
    Not yet. You have to wait for the unique QR code and approval code sent to your email address and SMS.
  • How long does it take to get approval?
    Lead time depends on the approving government agencies. While we are aware of the need to get the approvals as quickly as possible, we need to make sure that approvals are given to the right people.
  • Can I still pass through checkpoints without the RapidPass.ph?
    Yes, you may still go through checkpoints without a digital pass. The aim of RapidPass.ph is to make the checkpoint process easier for both front-liners and the checkpoint personnel.
  • How do I know that my registration is approved?
    You will receive an email and/or SMS with your unique QR and Approval Code.
  • Why is my application denied?
    4 Possible reasons (but not limited to) why RapidPass.ph is unable to complete the processing of your application:

    1. Outside of NCR Enhanced Community Quarantine zone
    2. Requiring additional supporting documents for your APOR category
    3. If you submitted an application for a vehicle. Vehicles passes are no longer needed
    4. If you submitted an invalid mobile number

    Company or entity registration is highly prioritized. We advise you to submit your application through your company representative. They may apply following the application procedure described here https://dict.gov.ph/rapidpass/
  • The ECQ is extended, do I need to apply again for a renewal?
    If needed and there is an official statement, all existing QRs will be renewed and will have validity extension. Thus, there is no need to send another application.


  • I scanned my QR code and random letters and numbers appeared. Is this normal?
    Yes. Only the official scanning devices used by checkpoint personnel can read your RapidPass QR code.
  • What do I do when I reach the checkpoint?
    Please make sure your digital pass with the QR code and your valid ID are ready to present to checkpoint personnel. They will scan your pass and will ask for your valid ID.
  • My QR Code does not work. What should I do?
    If your QR code is printed on paper, please make sure it is not creased or crumpled, and   present entirely with no part/s of it covered. If you are using a saved QR code on your mobile phone, make sure it is shown clearly, and your screen is bright. If the problem persists, you may still go through the checkpoint using your ID, and the regular checkpoint procedures.
  • How long is my QR Code valid?
    It depends on the approval issued to you. Please check your pass and examine the “VALID UNTIL” portion for the validity of the QR pass.
  • Can other people use my digital pass with QR code?
    No. Your unique QR code is tied to your user information, and a valid ID. The QR code can only be used by the approved person in the system.
  • Do I need another ID if I have a RapidPass.ph?
    Yes, checkpoints will ask for your valid ID along with your digital pass with QR code. We recommend having your valid ID with you while travelling.
  • What if I don’t have a smartphone?
    No problem! You can print the digital pass with the QR code on paper so you can show it to the checkpoint personnel. Remember to bring your valid ID and documents at all times when travelling. Frontliners also have the option of using the Approval Code sent through SMS as their pass if they encounter problems with their QR code.

Additional Pass

  • Can I request for an additional pass for my companion?
    Yes. Your companion needs to register to get his or her own RapidPass.ph unique QR code. This is also the same for additional personnel.
  • I lost my QR Code. Can I request for a replacement?
    Yes. You can send an email to inquiries@rapidpass.ph to request the re-issuance of your valid RapidPass.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at inquiries@rapidpass.ph