Who We Are

The DEVCON Community of Technology Experts (DCTx) is a volunteer-based global community working in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to develop digital solutions that will help government response efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DCTx is organized and led by Developers Connect Philippines (DEVCON), a non-profit entity that syncs, supports, and champions the success of Filipino developers.


Allowing frontliners and priority vehicles through checkpoints quickly.

Mapping government-verified information on COVID-19 community transmission, and facilities with test kits 


Supporting DSWD’s Social Amelioration Program to urgently give much needed-aid to 18 million Filipino families

A project in partnership with the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) for a transparent reporting system of donations for our front-liners.

A free website that helps in faster movement and access for front-liners and priority vehicles, ensuring the success of our country’s Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

With a few easy steps, front-liners and personnel for priority vehicles can register and apply for digital approval in RapidPass.ph.


Get Approval

Print/Present your Pass

For users with vehicles, register vehicle for a separate Vehicle pass

This tracing solutions shows updated information from health practitioners and government agencies on locations where community transmissions may be present. TraceCOVID.ph also helps locate nearby COVID-19 facilities.

Find COVID-19 facilities

Visualize epidemiological links

Avoid Transmission Hotspots


The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) launched the Social Amelioration Program to provide financial assistance to the Filipino families who are heavily affected by the pandemic.

DCTx utilized technology and created a progressive web app (PWA) to assist DSWD in ensuring that this assistance reaches these families as soon as possible.

Self-Registration for Faster Processing

Guarantees Data Privacy

Digital Disbursement Options

FLAGexpress.ph or Frontliner Logistics Assistance Gateway Express is a website that provides a donation scheduling and transparency reporting system for the Office of Civil Defense in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the President’s Administrative Order No. 27.

The project was initiated by DCTX – DEVCON Community of Technology Experts – in coordination with DICT.

Report Past Donations

Donate to the Frontliners

View Reports


We are a rapid response global community of technology and subject matter experts (healthcare, legal, design, PR, digital marketing, writing, etc.) who will provide digital solutions in assistance to government efforts.

DCTx will share its skills and expertise to build accessible digital platforms that will be a common source of up-to-date, verified information for the public, and a tool for government users for reliable exchange of data, real-time administrative accountability, approvals, and information gathering.

The Solutions Must

Be designed for rapid mass adoption

Remain open source as ASF license

Be governed by proper authorities

Protect the information privacy of individuals in compliance with the law